Once upon a time, there was a mother, who started writing about her exciting, yet daunting journey when her baby started transitioning from milk to solid food. As she continued sharing her knowledge, she soon realised that ethics was a big concern, especially in the food industry, and she resolved to do something about it.

Spurred on by the encouragement of her readers, this mother went on to become a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach and thereafter, Little Baby Grains by GNUBKINS was born.

Our debut product range was the PREMIUM Range, where we carefully selected the best grains, suitably soft for baby's delicate digestive system, yet nutritious and easy to prepare. Since then, Little Baby Grains has grown and our product range has expanded. #onlythebest is our mantra and we continuously work with industry professionals including Certified Nutritionists in the development of our products.

Little Baby Grains continuously adheres to and upholds our principles and integrity. We advocate clean and wholesome foods and only select quality ingredients which are either organic or natural. From the moment your baby starts solids, we are there for you. Recipes, instructions and guides are provided, alongside our committed LBG Team, who strive to provide the best assistance to all parents.

On top of it all, we believe in nurturing our community, and where possible, our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and we only work with ethical partners.

Wherever you see the GNUBKINS brand, you can be assured of our dedication towards excellence and superior quality. With sincerity and passion, we will continuously strive towards bringing you seriously amazing products.

And in the end, all the babies lived happily ever after with Little Baby Grains! #whoelseifnotLBG