In Asia, rice is traditionally the staple food and rice porridge is often recommended as baby's first solids by the elderlies. In recent years, rice has been viewed as less nutritious and parents either turn to commercially fortified cereal or purees as baby's first solids. 

At Little Baby Grains, we believe in a gentle approach to starting solids, and a gradual approach in pacing baby into the world of solids.

​Being soft and easily digestible, we believe that rice makes is a great first choice for baby's solids and we set out on a mission to find the suitable grain type, which would be high in nutrition, yet gentle on baby's digestive system!

​Founded by a mother and Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach, whose family is consuming the grains sold on Little Baby Grains, we take a personal interest in the quality of our grains.

Besides grains, we have expanded to develop other products. We only use organic and natural ingredients with a softer texture and higher nutritional value. Our products are either certified organic by international certification bodies or declared as chemical-free by the relevant governmental bodies. The ingredients used are sourced both locally and overseas and the country of origin is stated on the packaging.

​All our products are grouped by age in line with our belief in a gentle approach to starting solids with a focus on digestion and nutrition.